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ExitusVR is partnering with ImpulseVR to launch this innovative concept in VR entertainment.  “The Kessler Effect” is the first title from ImpulseVR, and represents a groundbreaking new kind of immersive media experience.  Starting now ExitusVR will be among a very small group of VR providers in the US to offer guests the ability to experience the worldwide release of one of the first interactive VR movies.


"By the middle of the third millennium, people have colonized space and made aliens a part of society. But, unfortunately, people still have no respect for the environment. Set in this new world, the main characters are the crew of a space debris collector ship; they face the challenging mission of saving humanity. The final decision – whom to save, and who is destined to die – is up to the viewer."


More about the Kessler Effect VR Movie


The Kessler Effect, presented by ExitusVR, is an interactive adventure movie in which the viewer becomes a character, interacts directly with the actors, and can influence the plot and the ending. 


The Kessler Effect features live actors rendered into CG form.  The lead role of "Green", the flight mechanic of the Malachite race, is performed by Yuri Kolokolnikov, who played Styr in the legendary series “Game of Thrones.”


Interactive VR movies are a new product in the sphere of Immersive Digital Art: a symbiosis of cinema art, Computer-Generated art and the latest VR technologies, merged together to create a totally unique viewer experience.  "Now, all existing VR projects can be divided into two parts: VR-games of different types of difficulty, or 360° videos - something like shooting from a camera mounted on the back of an eagle. We tried to create something new, combine a traditional movie and virtual reality, but also we added some interactivity," says executive producer Vagram Adamyan.


"According to this idea, The Kessler Effect is not just a VR adventure, it is also a serious science fiction story told through unusual art methods. This is the first serious VR project with a cinematic narrative of this scale," adds Yevgeny Marchenko, the producer of the project.


In the role of Aurora, an artificial intelligence robotic pilot, the viewer must perform tasks like piloting a space bike and docking the spaceship.  The viewer can toggle between different vision modes and interact with objects and characters throughout the movie.


This is a complex and cinematically rich VR film with an interesting plot and multiple possible endings. Synchronization of all elements by the production team ensures an enjoyable experience for viewers, with no symptoms of dizziness or vertigo in test watching audience.  Movie has not been rated, content is family friendly, but due to the intense nature of the experience, ExitusVR suggests that viewers be at least 9+ years old.  


Creating “The Kessler Effect”


The authors of the project say that virtual reality as a visual tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand the viewer sees it all from the first-person point-of-view, so that they fully immerse into the environment we created for them. On the other hand, this way of storytelling creates specific restrictions – all the action has to happen in a single sequence, from a single perspective. Photography directors can use different techniques such as short and long shots, close-ups and zooms, and complex editing and scene splicing, but in VR-projects the viewer is one of the heroes of the movie, and he or she is the one who decides where and how to look.


The Kessler Effect uses 3D surround sound to concentrate the viewer’s attention on some specific elements of action. This can’t happen in ordinary cinema halls, where you have a limited number of speakers – wearing VR goggles, you can turn your head as much as you like, and the sound will come from the side where it was produced. Fancy State studio produced all the sound design of the project, including the music and the integration of background noises.


The movements and facial expressions of the actors were recorded using motion capture technology (similar to how the movie Avatar was filmed): the actors had special marks on their faces and bodies, so that a large number of cameras can detect even their smallest movements. Working on such projects requires professionalism and skill from the actors and the director, because the performer sees his character and some of the elements of the set only on screens standing around the perimeter of the set; otherwise they have to play it all in an empty pavilion.


Not everyone is ready for the immersive experience of a Virtual Reality movie, but most viewers are fascinated and excited with the immersive environment. In last year's release of The Kessler Effect in Moscow (the original Russian language version), a survey conducted among a focus group of more than 1000 people, found that 81% were ready to recommend it to their friends.   


Numerous movie production companies, VR gaming centers and large movie theater chains are considering investments in cinematic VR productions. This technology is so far beyond HD and 3D that the technologies can't really be compared. Come find out for yourself - be among the first to check out what the pioneers in this field are doing and see the potential for the future!


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